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Playful installations, events and art works generated with sound, moving image and play.

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Soundplay Projects make accessible, interactive installations, events and objects. Designed for people of all backgrounds and abilities, we engage through play experimentation and creative communication.

Combining digital art and music to stimulate creativity in audiences, Ewan Sinclair and Bal Cooke have created a multi-sensory, audio-visual pop up playground where sound, animation and interactive technology collide.

Soundplay shape Soundplay shape Soundplay shape Soundplay shape

Bal Cooke

Founder and Musician

Ewan Sinclair

Founder and Artist

Addressing accessibility

This is at the heart of Soundplay Project’s creative process. It’s an ideal starting point to create work that is inclusive and open to accommodating new audiences, while providing scope for meaningful creative expression and experimentation.

Soundplay shape Soundplay Projects - Addressing accessibility
Soundplay shape Soundplay shape

Our studio

We have recently moved into the EP Spaces managed studio in the centre of Paisley. Our extensive work space now houses a workshop, equipment, a development space and the Soundplay Dome (when not on tour).

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